Scenes Of The Tourist

by Wharfer

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PITCHFORK: "powerful and engaging...these are the finest songs of wall's career and he knows it"

SPIN: "lo-fi stunner...marvel at wharfer's haunted, carved-out constructions...a no-frills, self-made passion project through and through...the singer's voice booms with a newfound confidence reminiscent of bill callahan"

INTERVIEW: "there's something particularly beautiful about wharfer...wall has created his own version of haunting, yet gorgeous folk music that is hard to ignore"

BUZZFEED: "one of the "24 reasons to love folk music in 2013...kyle wall’s growled, warbly voice immediately sets wharfer apart from the majority of DIY folk that’s popping up even in urban centers like brooklyn."

POPMATTERS: "the best kind of bittersweet...if jeff tweedy, glen hansard and sufjan stevens met tom waits at justin vernon’s wisconsin cabin, the result would be 'acadia'...a retreat, an intimate invitation to his mental musings, unhurried and lush in its puzzling prose, heightened by the best parts of folk and Americana."

THE WILD HONEY PIE: "original, heartwarming charm...increasingly enrapturing with every listen."

WONDERING SOUND: "loving, immaculately-executed tribute to country music’s lost a cowboy's lullaby." (on 'broken land: songs of the flatlanders')

PIGEONS & PLANES: "kyle wall’s voice carries a muted despair, a warbly resignation that belies a streak of independence that runs through his music"

WE LISTEN FOR YOU: "with every subtle artistic choice, wall is simply defining himself as a songwriter with the intelligence to back up his raw talent"

IMPOSE: "a talented folk mind...channeling folk sounds of cat stevens and cass mccombs"

FOLKADELPHIA: "othing about his approach is phoned-in...the raw quality allows wall’s songwriting gifts to come to the forefront"

THE DELI: "like leonard cohen and early johnny cash meets phosphorescent"

BEATS PER MINUTE: "spectral beauty...feel[s] deeply informed of [a] long line of country and folk music"


released January 13, 2017

All songs written by Kyle Wall
Produced by Shane O'Hara and Kyle Wall
Mixed and Engineered by Shane O'Hara
Mastered by Josh Bonati

Kyle Wall – vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, synths, organ, banjo, mandolin
Shane O’Hara – drums and percussion (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12)
David Moss – cello (1, 3, 4, 9, 10, 12)
Phoebe Hunt – violin (1, 2, 3, 12)
David Speranza – upright bass (1, 4, 8, 12)
Roy Williams – electric bass (6), acoustic guitar (10)
Dominick Leslie – mandolin (7)
Alex Hargreaves – violin (10)



all rights reserved


Wharfer Brooklyn, New York

wharfer is kyle wall
scranton + brooklyn

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Track Name: Breeze (Since I Was Born)
I came to my senses and came to your door,
But I can't trust my senses anymore.
I tried to be fair but you never did care,
And I'm fairly sure my role's outgrown me.
So if I have to die and you ask me why,
I'm beaming, “these clouds won't spit on my eye anymore.”

I'd love to go quietly into the wild,
But I can't go quietly anywhere.
I'd die to be under palm trees,
How the orange breeze would soothe my mind.
And if I should float down and you saw me around,
Darling I'd bleed to bend down on one knee

But I lost the ring and I can't sing the blues
The way this world showed me how.
So it's now that I'll slip out,
It's only been hours since I was born.
Track Name: Baton Rouge
Ran a mile in burgundy, rolling into Baton Rouge.
The criminals can see right through us,
Glued to overwhelming news, oh, it's overwhelming news.

Nuisance into nuisance, I'm arriving.
No sense in reminding me of anyone
While I'm hanging in my attic
And overheating on the fence.

Bled my wings in burgundy, flies summon my drink.
And I've swallowed all my invitations,
And the air is like Christmas, the air is alive.

Nuisance into nuisance, I'm arriving
No sense in reminding me of anyone
While I'm hanging in my attic
And overheating on the fence.
Track Name: Blue Lewis
He knows what's going on, how I've been blue.
Now his heart is underground,
But I've been true to you
In this season of foolish remedies, I'm screwed,
And I know you're losing time to lure me in.

Had a dream in black and white, where were you?
Now old Donnie's settled down,
And I'm back out the way I blew in,
As the winter rolls us to sin,
I don't want to be an etching in blue,
And you are never going to see the world for me,
It's full of daydreams and sunshine and haze.

But I am done now.
Track Name: Rye Wish
The stars have all hid in our agony tonight,
Veering around the room, new aches in our sights.
Satan swallows my words and I'm shrinking again,
Our town is a wire to godless sin.
But my soul'll be projected on the edges of the wind,
And my arteries'll always hold an image of your skin.

Crying all night, stepping into the creek,
My clouds run dry, I've been bawling here all week.
I don't think I can ever step back in,
The kitchen'll choke me, the bedroom'll do me in.
But my soul'll be projected on the edges of the wind,
And my arteries'll always hold an image of your skin.
Track Name: Somewhere A Meteor Calls Me
New dazing honor,
Separate alarms going off in our eyes.
Boy, I'm electric,
Cattle days sneak up and eat me alive.

Somewhere a meteor calls me
And whittles me down to my blood and my wires.
Oh now it's falling,
See melody, the doldrums are real.

I'm out of things to turn around,
My soul's been lost along the sound of you.
My bones are full of abstinence,
But it's an honor to be caring less and less.

Somewhere a meteor calls me.
And whittles me down to my blood and my wires.
Oh now it's falling,
See melody, the doldrums are real.
And nothing is real as yesterday.

So I'm betting on a silhouette,
It's bullshit but I'd love to see her win.
Track Name: The Suitcase
A wreck like me, blind in infamy.

Avoidance in spades is electrocution,
An elevation of an ending.
I'm in hiding and I'll ride it out.

Sparks under sheets where we used to spin,
The kind of emergence I've been imagining.
I can't let you out, but I will let you down,
Howling in my room.

I'm losing, no I lost, I'm rail-thin in my thoughts,
You could never lose with your eyes all soaked in booze.
I'm still hiding it and I'm drying out.

I can't let you out, but I will let you down,
Howling in my tomb.

So say goodnight now, I'll be quiet.
Track Name: Marigold
I'm gonna slip in my marigold, my marigold of wire.
The sky's got me coming undone and I'm blood in the bayou.
You don't know where I've come from tonight,
So sing a fable and rip out all my lies.

I'm looking into my marigold, my marigold's blind eye.
The sky saw me sipping alone now I'm throwing up ice.
But I don't think that you're alone enough,
Your dreams are strung within my baring bluff. is that enough?

I'm gonna get you my marigold, my merry golden bride.
My old girl's a murderer dying to eat me alive,
But I don’t think that she’s alone tonight.
Let's sing a fable and rip out all our lies.
Track Name: Arrows
If you'd fell into the bleeding elements
Our country sings so well,
I'd ride 'round the memories I can
And disregard the rest as fleeting wind.

With hundreds of arrows on my mind,
I'm pointing out the highways and the way they surrendered
Me, into the one who's always breaking down
And escaping out the back.

Please don't stare into the light too long
If I'm the only one to crash.
Please don't dream about the leaves too long
'Cause I'll be drifting back.
Track Name: In The Old Magnolia Trees
If my god had caught me walking down another aisle,
In a dream, a funeral's got me riled up.
Would his actions come and visit me,
Rolling thunder over rum and tea?

Tired of the way the wind keeps talking out of symmetry,
I hook the bait and try to memorize
The order of the never-ending seas,
The busted San Andreas melodies.

I've been here a lifetime,
In the old magnolia trees.
I drank all my lifelines,
It's the right time to descend into the breeze.

Eight nights alone and I'm addressing every passing need,
But I promise I've forgotten almost every damn thing.
Dig me under dying stars tonight,
The high is blinding and I've been sorry for miles.
Track Name: St. Helena
Jonathan, give me life.
To the South Atlantic Ocean, I'll retire.
Hunting down schemes after dark,
We'll drink until our eyeballs bust.

But you're already blind and you're stayin' up to piss in this dirt
And if I boil down, will the others realize what I'm worth, worth to you?
Boy, you've been here for two hundred years

One jug of rye and I disintegrate.
You old motherfucker, make my memories erupt.

When she held out her hand and I came in the way that I left
If I could design a moment, I'd have wept, wept for you
Boy, you've been here for two hundred years.
Track Name: The Wild
In dreams of a world that is winding down,
Where workers'll always be blessed,
The hermit assesses the seaboard
And finds that it's all he's got left.
The scenes of the tourists die suddenly,
Old California unrest.
He knows the grass won't watch itself,
Hell in the mountains out west.

Pipe dreams and plywood, he sees it all,
And makes love the shame that it is.
If disaster's swimming in anyway,
Why won't the saints visit him?
He wrote our whole history out on Tamalpais,
Keeping it close to the chest,
But he knows the past won't wash itself,
Hell in the mountains out west.

Sixty spins out of a rabbit hole,
Seconds away from the gun,
Lost in a teenage eternity,
And brothers who blew through the sun.
He whispers, "I'm going home to my old Alaska,
Easing away from the stress,
I love you all, goodbye and go wild."
Hell in the mountains out west.