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SPIN: "lo-fi stunner...marvel at wharfer's haunted, carved-out constructions...a no-frills, self-made passion project through and through...the singer's voice booms with a newfound confidence reminiscent of bill callahan"

INTERVIEW: "there's something particularly beautiful about wharfer...wall has created his own version of haunting, yet gorgeous folk music that is hard to ignore"

BUZZFEED: "one of the "24 reasons to love folk music in 2013...kyle wall’s growled, warbly voice immediately sets wharfer apart from the majority of DIY folk that’s popping up even in urban centers like brooklyn."

POPMATTERS: "the best kind of bittersweet...if jeff tweedy, glen hansard and sufjan stevens met tom waits at justin vernon’s wisconsin cabin, the result would be 'acadia'...a retreat, an intimate invitation to his mental musings, unhurried and lush in its puzzling prose, heightened by the best parts of folk and Americana."

THE WILD HONEY PIE: "original, heartwarming charm...increasingly enrapturing with every listen."

WONDERING SOUND: "loving, immaculately-executed tribute to country music’s lost a cowboy's lullaby." (on 'broken land: songs of the flatlanders')

PIGEONS & PLANES: "kyle wall’s voice carries a muted despair, a warbly resignation that belies a streak of independence that runs through his music"

WE LISTEN FOR YOU: "with every subtle artistic choice, wall is simply defining himself as a songwriter with the intelligence to back up his raw talent"

IMPOSE: "a talented folk mind...channeling folk sounds of cat stevens and cass mccombs"

FOLKADELPHIA: "othing about his approach is phoned-in...the raw quality allows wall’s songwriting gifts to come to the forefront"

THE DELI: "like leonard cohen and early johnny cash meets phosphorescent"

BEATS PER MINUTE: "spectral beauty...feel[s] deeply informed of [a] long line of country and folk music"


released June 30, 2015

All songs written by Kyle Wall
Produced by Shane O'Hara
Mastered by Josh Bonati

Featuring Scott Colberg (double bass), Jonathan Lam (pedal steel guitar), Ian O'Hara (banjo), Shane O'Hara (drums), Austin Smith (violin), and Roy Williams (electric bass).

Cover art by Kyle Wall and Amber Chandler


“The Altitude”

I don’t know what I don’t know
But the press is at the door
I see a room spinning that’s seen us before
The water ain’t worth a freeway
But a freeway’s what I am
I’m coming home to see where my burning bridges stand
So collar me, collar me, collar me
So scholarly and crude

I don’t care about you
Any more than I did before
I don’t know what you do behind your door
You confiscate the fashions
That’ve always been around
I don’t know what belongs to me or the altitude of this town
I would do anyone a favor
To bide more time with you

I’m a dark dream that we both die in
You’re a dark sign that I’m alive
And if this dark night should crumble
Then it’s a dark time for we to fly

If you could see me every time that you’re swimming
Then you could burn me in a field of old women
And I wouldn’t stop you or the altitude



Sitting on a tambourine scene
As the underworld awaits us
And the hornets have been dying off
Leaping out the window
Where the hell is it I’m trying to get to?
Please turn my clouds upside down

My legs have long accepted it
But my lungs sense something
Maybe it’s the pace I’m on
And maybe there’s a hangman
Coming to play piano, but where the hell am I?
Please turn my clouds upside down



Go and try to leave me alone
I don’t think our water’s blue enough to drown
I could always love you more
But I could never fake it, I could never fake it the way,
The way I faked today
A lie is why my smile thrives
In the empty hours strung around my memory of your pain.
No, I don’t need that, I don’t need that
No, I don’t need that, I don’t do that well inside myself

Come on baby, light your fire
Like you never laid your eyes on me before (before I soared)
Come on baby, let’s go blind
If I had to see you, If I had to see you sway,
You know I’d crumble away
A lie is why my smile fades
And grays along the edges of my cold complacency, won’t you stay?
No, I don’t need that, I don’t need that
No, I don’t need that, you’re just a shadow in my hotel room


“We’ll All Be Racers”

This isn’t summer at all,
Summer be damned.
Our death is in demand
Down in Oklahoma City,
Firing on federal land.
Of my dreams, I say, “patience,
In the future we’ll all be racers
Or railroad watchers.”

It’s not fair how much I breathe them in
I’m a prayer to everyone else
In hell or in my dreams
As I die in Oklahoma City,
Firing on federal breeze.
So I scream, “patience,
In the future we’ll all be racers
Or tightrope walkers.”

And if I find somewhere new
And try to fly sober
Through your accident,
Back in my broken city
Boiling on broken land
So I say, “patience,
In the future we’ll all be racers
Or railroad watchers


“Meredith, Make Me Run Away”

Blues on my mind
Wine left to the lions
So long, the grass is growing
Our blue legs, blind and knowing
The neighbors are trying to trust me
And the winter won’t forget
It’s creeping up on our nothing
With eyes set on Philadelphia

Blues on my mind
Writing factory rhymes
I’ve blown holes to keep us rowing
Thrown up the seeds I’ve been sowing
The neighbors are trying to catch me
And you’ve been asleep in my head
And usually I just want to touch you
With accents, aghast, I’m collapsing

You don’t know you like I do
‘Cause I don’t follow any news
I don’t think about tomorrow
‘Cause I can’t follow any news


“The Right Wind”

Pools of ashes show the mess I left
Marietta slept through the edges of every sunset
That slipped through the crack of my door.
If it smells like smoke, I’m so sorry,
It’s all I’ve known for so long.
These books have spent so many nights alone here,
While I’ve vaulted from cloud to cloud
Wondering aloud, “Am I pissing in the right wind?”
There’s never been a sweeter sin
Than rescuing what’s left of me.
In ruins my lord, I’m in ruins.
My reflection fails and leaves me faded.
The smoke is swimming back to me.


“And Your Dream Is Complete”

Remember when I drowned in the sound
And your dream was complete?
But my friends kept disappointing you
And the bleeding fire rolled under you
But it was too cold to care for you
And the oceans you were accustomed to

Remember all the hypocrites after you
Need one of us to lie to them
So I hope that you’ll recover from me
And find a nice home in the black sea
Far from my old sympathy
And the oceans that buried me

Remember when I wrote you a waltz
And your dream was complete?
But the sound was disappointing you
And the flat keys that cared for you
Were too old, and bitter too
So the oceans swallowed me

And your dream is complete



Tim, I’m crying ever color
Wishing things were simple again
No more women in my dreams
‘Til you’ve seen everything in the first degree

Engines on a train take me to die
They’re darker than the ones we used to ride

Tim, I’m losing blood again
Wishing things were clear again
No melodies in my dreams
‘Til you’ve seen everything in the first degree

Engines on a train take me to die
They’re darker than the ones we used to ride
Loss showers the strings I set aside
To sew into the stress I’ve tried to hide

Tim I’m crying every color
And drinking alone again


“Losing It”

In a room on ice tonight,
In a film script, in silent scenes, in silent scenes
I think that I'm resigned to it
One blink and I'm losing it, I'm losing it

I am only a dizzy bitch
Please explain me this,
I'm a dizzy bitch, a dizzy bitch
A dizzy bitch, a dizzy bitch

I'll be in a house up north
By death or by choice, in bed of course, in bed of course
Surrounded by my brothers
Entrenched in white light
I’m losing it, I’m losing it
I’m losing it, I’m losing it

Jole Blon, I’m going crazy
Stealing songs in the moonlight
Come on by when I’m lonely
Bring me something to keep me happy
You’re my sweet one, my only Jole Blon


“The Door”

Silence is growing
In the corner of my mind,
My arms are on fire
But my wife says I’ll be fine.

I don’t know where you’re going,
But I hope you find the door.
It’s sure been nice knowing you.

You say the seasons
Collide in the blink of an eye.
Our secrets are spilling
And I’ll miss that fucking smile for a while.

I don’t know where I’m going,
But I’ll never find the door
No I’ll never find it without you.



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Wharfer Brooklyn, New York

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